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My Dearest Contributors, You are needed. You make a difference in the lives of so many. Your reach is so wide and when you donate it not only affects one person but spills over to many and generations to come.  You make a difference. Thank you from my heart that you are here with me and using your gift to bless the lives of others.


I started this company because back in 2012 I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. I felt extremely alone in unchartered territory. I was awakened to my new reality of addiction, and the lies and manipulation that come with a loved one hiding a double life. I was left to navigate how to move through the consequences of someone elses choices. 12 step meetings, trauma counseling, and keeping my children intact was my new full-time job. I spent over $40k learning how to understand, heal, and thrive. One particular day in 2014 I was on the floor in my closet pleading with God to show me how to get through this. But not just make it, I wanted to come out of the ashes better than I was, stronger than before, and empowered to show as many people as possible that they are not alone. That day I told God “if I could help just one person, it would all be worth it.” 

Today, I host a Podcast called Choose In, I am the author of Cutting Ties – Healing Betrayal Trauma as the Spouse of an Addict, hold retreats for women to heal their hearts and let go of what holds them back, speak in public settings, and meet with individuals one on one. My kids will tell you that although the journey has been difficult being the children of divorce, they too what rather know truth and how to get through it than pretend the hard things aren’t happening. Because I found the resources and chose to invest in my healing, they reap the benefits of learning healthy skills to bring into their future. 

Your contribution, however big or small, makes a difference. It helps expand programs and offer opportunities for people to feel loved and taken care of. What I do is offer Hope and tools for healing from the many types of challenges people face. We all need to feel seen and heard and find hope that all will be okay. Choose In Consulting LLC. does just that. Nobody has to walk this road alone if they don’t want too. 

Because you are Choosing In to give a gift, it will be magnified and just the right person or people will find the hope they are so desperately searching for. 

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We need your help. You make a difference by helping survivors and those wanting to move through whatever challenges they face find this resource so they know they are not alone. We will guide them through using tools and programs to freedom, peace and healing. 

Your donation can be used in many ways. Choose how you want us to use your gift. Here are some examples.

  • A one time donation of any dollar amount. Whether its $10 or $10,000, it matters. Everything helps. Whatever your heart feels inspired to share, is the exact right amount we need from you. Your gift goes toward providing programs and reaching more people, or helping an individual with a lowered cost for 1:1 sessions. Because of you, we can advertise in areas where we can be most noticed and therefore your contribution helps women find the help they need.
  • Donate money for Retreats and events. Doing this helps the cost per individual be more affordable so more are able to come. This could be $500 for a speaker, $1,000 toward meals, or $5000+ for a large enough venue to host everyone; or any amount in between which allows for costs to stay in appropriate range so women can financially make it work for them and their situation. 
  • Contribute to the continued production of web design, promoting the podcast, social media advertising and getting the word out all across the country. Your gift could also help us attend shows and speaking events to share our vision and platform. 

You are an integral part in how many people we can find, how many we can walk with, and how many won’t have to sit in suffering alone. You matter. Your gift matters. People matter. Be part of helping others find their way from heartache to healing. 

Join me today and let’s connect all those together who are searching for answers.