Episode 31: Recognizing our Heart Wounds Part 2

We are looking deep at our heart wounds, talking through how to heal them, and the benefits of love and happiness that come with doing that hard rewarding work.

Episode 30: Recognizing our Heart Wounds Part 1

The walls we formed around our heart were built to protect us. But they will harm us in our present and future, and prevent growth and love, if we don’t heal those wounds.

Episode 29: The Fear of the Unknown is Consuming Me

Learn how to understand where fear is coming from, how to recognize it, and how to let it go, so you can move out of feeling paralyzed by taking action steps to move forward.

Episode 28: How Do I Go Out of Town When I Don't Trust my Spouse?

There is a way to live your own life and not be a prisoner to the what if's. Learn the phrases you need that will help you let go of trying to control what he does or does not do so that you can be happy and free.

Episode 27: Looking Through a Clear Lens for Future Happiness

Choosing the healing work changes everything. Everytime you learn something new it's as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you feel lighter and free. My husband Garin joins me for a portion of the episode sharing why he does his healing work even though it's hard.

Episode 26: Don’t Turn Back to the Past, Step Forward

Description: When we are faced with triggers or past trauma, it’s easy to turn back to what feels familiar. Challenge yourself to move through the pain rather than repeat the heartache.

Episode 25: Being Vulnerable Brings True Freedom

From the words of Brene' Brown, "Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen"...."Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance."

Episode 24: Does Your Relationship Have Abusive Dialogue?

Listen to these examples to see if this resonates with you. I talk about scenarios where abuse may not be noticed and I give you phrases you can use to set boundaries.

Episode 23: What Emotional & Verbal Abuse Can Sound Like

Words, phrases, and actions explaining what verbal and emotional abuse looks like and sounds like. Steps we can take to learn and change these behaviors in ourselves and boundaries we can place to keep safe from others if we are being abused in this way

Episode 22: Being Still and Letting Go

We don’t have to navigate and control everything around us trying to make sure it all works out.

Episode 21: Crisis Opens Our Eyes to Learning and Transformation.

With recent events of chaos and destruction how can we open our eyes to what’s happening in our own homes and learn to see things different so we can take action.

Episode 20: What Felt Impossible Actually Saved Me

How to turn what feels impossible into peace and freedom from the chaos of the unknown.

Episode 19: Gratitude: The Pain Has a Purpose

Asking questions to name the pain that is triggering us, leads to validation and letting go, and continuing forward in our healing.

Episode 18: Why is There Pain When the Trial is Over

There is pain and exhaustion after the work is done and the major part of the trial is over. We discuss why this happens and how to navigate to healing

Episode 17: Big or Small, Your Story Matters.

Betrayal is shocking regardless of our experience. The heart does not know the difference between pornography addiction and/or face to face infidelity. What you’ve experienced is worth holding space for. It does not need to be compared to another persons trauma.

Episode 16: Healthy Boundaries Show an Acceptance of Reality

“Stop asking why they keep doing it, and start asking yourself why you keep allowing it”

Episode 15: Staying Quiet Protects One. Speaking Out Protects Many

Speaking truth is hard to do and hard to hear sometimes but its the way to living in truth and not continually pushing things under the rug as if its not happening all around us. Staying quiet may protect the one, but speaking out protects many.

Episode 14: Getting Out Of Our Own Way

So much freedom to enjoy when we get out of our own way and remove our false beliefs.

Episode 13: Removing our Blinders to see our Grief So we can Heal

Putting our grief on the table, being open to new ways of seeing, brings us awareness and furthers healing.

Episode 12: Love; Letting God In

We are precious to God. We talk about what that means, how we can remember that truth, and how to take advantage of His Love.

Episode 11: Wholeness - You Have to ACT in Order to Receive

You have to “Act” in order to receive the answers you need that will change your situation. Acting for yourself rather than being “acted upon” will strengthen you so you will be able to make hard decisions when needed.

Episode 10: Our Logical and Emotional Brain Need Separate Healing

Shaming our emotional brain hinders our progress and healing. Learn to accept both our logic and our emotional ways of thinking to reach clarity and healing.

Episode 9: Acting From a Place of Fear

When panic and chaos suddenly appear, do I react from a place of fear or of a sound mind? What is my body trying to tell me?

Episode 8: Who Am I and How Do I Find Her

Finding our worth by using a list and container to unpack and see clear the steps we need to take in order to uncover our worth and become ready to take control of our happiness.

Episode 7: Two Steps Forward...Ten Steps Back

We all fall short at times. We learn something and then make the same mistake again and again. This episode talks about why this happens and how it's part of our growth and progression.

Episode 6: The Harm of Denial and Enabling

It's harmful when we try to save another person from the consequence of their choices. If we are in denial of the truth and enable others we are hindering our progress as well as theirs.

Episode 5: Self Care - How What When Where

It's important to know how to decompress our stress and anxieties. We talk through many ways to combat overwhelming feelings and return to a state of peace allowing clarity to fill our mind and soul.

Episode 4: It's Not My Fault. Why Do I Have to Do the Work?

We are getting real with the truth about how our behaviors are limiting our progress in finding healing and recovery from trauma.

Episode 3: This is So Hard...And that's Okay

Trauma told me the only way to survive was to see the whole picture. My higher power and the 12-step program told me to take one step at a time.

Episode 2: First Steps to Healing Betrayal and Trauma

It was time to accept my reality. The truth was staring me in the face. I needed to heal me...but how?

Episode 1: I thought my Life was a Lie

Episode 1: I thought my Life was a Lie: As a survivor of betrayal, infidelity, trauma, and emotional abuse, I Chose In to doing the hard work necessary to see through the manipulation, deceit, and lies that came from being the spouse of an addict.

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