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March 4, 2024

Episode 106: Choosing Healing as a Couple after Betrayal... with Guest Kim Brown, Betrayal Trauma and Grief Coach

Join us for an insightful conversation as Kim Brown, an ICF accredited Trauma-informed Certified Coach, shares her personal journey of healing and recovery after betrayal. Kim's wisdom and clarity shed light on what it truly means when both partners commit to healing. Through relatable experiences and heartfelt insights, Kim offers empathy and understanding, helping listeners navigate their own pain with self-love and resilience.

In the second half of the episode, Kim explores the profound connection between grief and betrayal, as well as grief of losing loved ones, offering a powerful analogy that transforms perspectives on pain and loss. Don't miss out on this episode filled with invaluable wisdom and inspiration for anyone on a journey of healing.

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Read more about Kim Brown and how you can work with her. 

Kim has had the opportunity to coach hundreds of clients within her specialized field of betrayal, addiction, and grief and loss, as she has worked with individuals, couples, and in group settings. Her trainings and certifications include:

ICF accredited Trauma Informed Certified Coach, Certified Betrayal Trauma Coach with advanced training that includes working with the addicted partner and couples in a betrayal trauma informed model. Certified Grief Educator, APSATS Candidate

Contact: Team - Choose Recovery Services




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