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March 25, 2024

Episode 109: Empowering Women Series Part 5 - Showing Up Bold after Trauma, Betrayal, Coming Out, Divorce, & Co-parenting - With Guest Jessica Frew, Relationship Crisis Coach

Join me and my guest Jessica Frew to discuss the importance of finding your voice and using it, becoming stronger, being bold, and taking action. You can have a beautiful, empowered life full of passion and progress, as you take action in your life to have what you desire. It's possible.  

Jessica Frew is a BOLD action taker. She has a successful podcast called "Husband in Law" that she records with her husband Matt, and her ex-husband Steve. Together, they are sharing their stories of love, marriage, coming out, divorce, remarriage, and co-parenting to help others know they are not alone. 

She owns BOLD Logic, a company devoted to helping people figure out the "What NOW?!" after a crisis in their relationship. Jessica is a firm believer that by knowing and understanding what it is you really want in life you can BOLDly create a life you love, no matter what your circumstances. 

Follow Jessica, take advantage of her FREE Workbook, and reach out to her if you would like her services.


Thank you for listening to Part 5! If you missed the other 4, go back and listen. There is so much wisdom from those who have gone through hard things and chose in to doing their healing work. 

If you need help, would like to chat, reach out below and follow me on instagram for the latest helpful tips and info.


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