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February 26, 2024

Episode 105: Empowering Women Series Part 1- Five Two Love-Jamie Scott...Finding Resilience through Infertility, separation, Divorce, being a Single Mom, Dating, and moving forward! Get Ready! We cover it all.

Join my conversation with Jamie Scott, Five Two Love mama and creator. She captured the hearts of thousands all over the world as she shared, in real time, the ups an downs, of this emotional time. People from all over the world shared her video and through thousands of prayers she miraculously carried the quintuplets to 29 weeks, even after her water broke at 21 weeks. She delivered 5 healthy babies. With so many invested in her family and new babies, and wanting all the updates, YouTube & Facebook Vlogs were launched.

In this episode we talk about "ALL THE THINGS"! Jamie's miraculous story of hope, grit, resiliency, determination, and faith no matter what comes her way, has inspired many and she still can't believe that she and the quintuplets have lived to share their story.

You can find her here: YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook @Five Two Love and IG @jamie.scott


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