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March 11, 2024

Episode 107: Empowering Women Series Part 3 - Rising and Thriving After Trauma with Guest Robyn Warner - CEO, Coach, and Entrepreneur

Robyn shares her heart-wrenching experiences of how she gained resilience through being assaulted, working through betrayal, choosing divorce, and how she shows up in the world through her many businesses that help women grow and thrive. 

Outside of motherhood, her biggest passion is empowering and protecting women through safety advocacy, gathering like minded women together to grow and heal, while having fun. 

Robyn gives a huge discount to her safety course! So listen in for the info. Use code ROXANNE to take advantage of her offer. That link is on her website

To work with Robyn or to be apart of her community follow her on  IG @aflyonmywall  or reach out to her through her website.

Her businesses include:The ComeUNITY, Let's Glow, The Brave Talk Show, Multie Vibes, Safe by Robyn, a women's self-defense company.

Thank you for listening. If you need any assistance or in an abusive relationship please seek support. I'm here to help you or give you resources that can. Follow on IG @Roxannekennedygranata or set up a free chat at   


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