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March 18, 2024

Episode 108: Empowering Women Series Part 4 - Finding Strength through Heartache, Health Challenges, a Successful Career, and Divorce; She Did it all with God. - Guest Nicole Tanner-Founder of Swig.

Nicole Tanner, founder of Swig, let's us in on the challenges she has faced in her life and how God has been with her every step of the way. From Breast Cancer and unsure how to pay for treatment, opening the first Swig drive-thru drink store, going through loss of family members, and the heartache that comes along with choosing divorce; Nicole shares her life with us on this episode.

Swig is all over the country. Her story of how she started it and why is so fun and fascinating. She has taken her success and shares goodness by giving back with her "Save the Cups" Campaign, created to help women fighting breast cancer pay off their medical bills. The story she shares on this episode will touch your heart.

Nicole is a Thriving Mother of 5 amazing children, and 4 beautiful grandchildren. She started Swig in April 2010 because of her love of Diet Coke with lime and she saw that human connection was missing in the marketplace. 

Her motto is: Life is a gift. Make sure you make it a good life by loving those around you and doing all that you dream of!

You will fall in love with Nicole and her genuine heart. Listen in to our heartfelt conversation of finding resilience through the hard. You will find strength and feel empowered to do the hard things that come your way. 

Make sure to follow @swigdrinks and celebrate Nicole by grabbing her signature drink "The Founder" at a Swig near you.

If you are ready to reach out and chat about what you're going through, I'm ready to help you. Follow me on Instagram @Roxannekennedygranata and click the link in my bio or Reach out for a Free 20 minute session at 


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