Cutting Ties

Healing from betrayal trauma
as the spouse of an addict

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Betrayal Trauma is a huge mountain to climb. Many stop at the bottom and wait in hopes that the pain and despair will pass. I'm here to show you how climbing and working your way through will give you your life back. I walked the path. I climbed the mountain. I crossed the bridge. I got back up time and time again...and I made it. I found Me. I am more Me today than I have ever been.

I want to share my knowledge, tools, insight, friendship, and love with you. Whether you are fighting for a marriage, in the process of divorce, single, or a parent of an addict child, you can do this. You will be more than okay, and doing the work will bring you peace and light. The other side of the betrayal trauma bridge feels like freedom. With the right tools and a commitment to “choose in” to the process, there is hope and recovery from sex pornography addiction and for the family members of an addict.


Real Life Experiences

Captures real life experiences of betrayal and infidelity AND gives you practical tools and insight to find hope and healing.


The Love of God

Shows first-hand how the love of God can give you peace and strength when you need it most.


To Be Whole Again

Filled with love, hope, heartache, and peace: each is important in discovering what you need to do to become whole again.


Hope, Healing, and Happiness

Find renewed strength to walk through the pain and overcome the challenges you face. There is hope, healing, and happiness ahead.

Whatever you have faced, are currently enduring, or will be challenged with, I hope you will feel the message of this book and know that you are not alone.


This book spoke BEYOND the reaches of pornography. It gave me real life skills, tools, and needed perspective in how to turn to my Father in Heaven for answers in how to love my son with mental illness.


INSPIRING! As a wife of a recovering addict, I could relate on so many levels. Our stories are different in the details but the same in the feelings. Roxanne gave voice to my pain and betrayal, and also to the joy and hope that I’ve found through my own journey. And what an eloquent, raw and truthful voice it is!

- KIM B.

Loved it! As a life-long porn addict, this book helped me better understand the pain and chaos that is inflicted upon wives and children from both the overt and covert actions of the addict. I came away with more compassion for those tortured by secrets, deception, and betrayal. It’s a book I want to read again!

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