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A six week Action Plan
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Six Week Action Plan

Moving Forward Mindset  - Discovering YOU

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How do you change behaviors or move forward when you’ve always done what you’ve always done? Taking action using specific tools creates a clear path to truth and awareness. This program creates the capacity to trust your own instincts. I teach you how to confidently make the hard choices even while walking in the dark for a time.

My Moving Forward Mindset program is here to give you a step by step plan of action while moving forward one movement at a time. I will walk with you as you discover what God is trying to teach you, show you, and give you. You can’t find your answers until you know the right questions.

By Choosing In to this program, you will be given key tools and information to look differently at how you think, and why you are stuck doing the same things over again. You will be given assignments that dig deep into asking yourself specific questions that will guide you to your true reality. TRUTH is key.

What Moving Forward Mindset & Discovering You looks like:

Let’s begin- You will get a mailed copy of my book Cutting Ties. There are key tools in this book on moving forward regardless of what you are working through

1 hour personal mentor call to jumpstart your mindset program. We will discuss your story, what is currently happening, what you wish for, questions and answers guiding you in moving forward and two goals to work on for the first two weeks of program.


Week One:

Emailed worksheet with questions that will begin the process of opening your mind and heart to true reality. Here is where your awareness to your current belief system comes to light.


Week Two:

Check in through email on how you answered week Ones questions and be given the new weekly assignment geared toward creating new beliefs you’d like to have about yourself and what you’d like to create for your present and future.


Week Three:

30 minute check in call. Where are you at with the program? How are you feeling emotionally? What have you learned so far? And what seems to be holding you back?


Week Four:

Taking Action: Keys and guides to taking action with your new found perspective and strength. Sent through email.


Week Five:

Creation of boundaries for yourself to stay in this new place of healing and what things you need to keep you healthy and safe. Send by email to me for feedback.


Week Six:

30 minute check in call: Share what happened for you, how you’ve grown, what action steps you will be taking to stay moving forward, and any questions you have that I can aid you in continuing your process.

Sharing what you are actually working on, THE TRUTH, with someone who has already done the work and knows how to get from being stuck in fear of the unknown and onto the other side to healing and freedom is imperative. I will be your mentor and friend. Being accountable helps in staying focused and not falling back into old patterns and beliefs. Let go of what you’ve always done, and Choose In to moving forward.

I’ve done the work. I know how to heal. Are you ready to know You and what your truth actually is? The time is now. Moving Forward Mindset is the next step to finding peace and happiness.

“Go from, I don’t know what to do,
to taking action and get your life back”

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  • Experiencing Betrayal Trauma
  • Spouse or Ex-spouse of an Addict
  • Understanding Boundaries
  • Navigating Dating for Young Adults and Adults
  • Parent of an addict child
  • Seeing your Worth
  • Developing trust and faith in God
  • Shame Resilience
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All information you share with me is private and confidential. I am not a licensed clinician. If you need more assistance then I am qualified to help with, I can refer you to someone specializing in your situation.