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As a survivor of betrayal, infidelity, trauma, and emotional abuse, I Chose In to doing the hard work necessary to see through the manipulation, deceit, and lies that came from being the spouse of an addict. I had to accept that this was my life. The only way to heal was to go through the pain, to see it clear, and work through it. Today, I help others find their way from feeling shattered and hopeless to strong and empowered. You are not alone. You are not the only one that is experiencing these types of things. There is absolutely healing and happiness ahead IF you do what is required to get there. I am the Author of Cutting Ties -Healing from Betrayal Trauma as the Spouse of an Addict. As you read it you will find I don’t shy away from the real raw painful truth. My podcast is no different. We can only become something more if we see the truth with clear eyes and be willing to “CHOOSE IN” to doing the hard work. I’m excited to share everything I know with all of you.  -Roxanne Kennedy Granata

Episode Transcription:

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Even though all those years, I knew that the things I found were not okay, it's like, I wasn't ready to really see clearly what the reality was of my situation. I didn't want to face the truth. But here we were 17 years, and I found something bigger.

At that point, my gut instinct, my higher power, God told me: you know what this is. The time is now. Are you going to keep pretending that this isn't happening? Or are you ready to do the work? And at that moment, I had a choice to make. Was I ready? Was I ready to look at what this really was? Was I ready to uncover all that had happened over the years, and choose to be someone different?

I decided that I couldn't keep going on day after day, not ever trusting my husband. And that is just such an awful way to live in a relationship. Because even though we had so many good things going on, and had lots of great times, and there was so much love, there was also all of these lies. There was all of this betrayal and infidelity. And I didn't know the majority of it that was going on.

At this point at 17 years, when I was kind of awakened to reality, I made that choice. And I decided, Okay, I'm going to do the work. Either I was going to stay brokenhearted in a depressed state, basically, in a ball on my closet floor, or I'm going to do all of this healing work. Moving forward, taking new steps is not easy. The alternative is then you're just stuck in the pain forever. It doesn't go away until you move through it.