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February 19, 2024

Episode 104: Will Men really do Emotional Healing Work - With Men's Coach Jason Schnitzer

Join in on my conversation with Men's Coach Jason Schnitzer. He shares his passion for helping men step into their purpose, win back their wife's attraction, and create a happy marriage. He shares some simple ways to invite the men in your life to come forward and do their healing work, and the important changes that occur when they do. Jason is down to earn, easy to talk to, and was once as he says it "a guys guy". Your man will feel comfortable and at ease meeting with him.   Jason is Trauma informed certified, does partswork with his clients, and is an overall great guy to introduce your partners to. You can find him on instagram @JasonSchnitzerCoaching   Mention that you heard him on this podcast for 10% off his coaching package.


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