Episode 50: Your Mind Will Grow Whatever You Plant

We’ve got to change what we are putting in our mind so we can create new pathways and beliefs if we want our life to improve and receive our desired outcome.

Episode Transcription:

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We're talking today about how we are sick and tired of the same old story going through our head, you know, the one that says, We're not good enough? People are gonna judge us. We don't know how to do this. What if we're not worth it? We can't make changes, because then what will happen? All of those things that get in the way? Are we sick and tired of those things? Do we want to clear that energy space? Do we want to be able to hone in to the power that we actually have and who we are? All the goodness and the great things that are in store for us and how to navigate and and feel like we are deserving of more than what that old story is telling us.

We have to be sick of that old story. We have got to change the way we think and feel. It has to start somewhere. And at some point, we're faced with that decision. We are kind of up against this back to back feeling of this is it. I can't do the same thing over and over and over. I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I feel like what I do what I think is the same over and over and over and it isn't working. So what are we supposed to do? How do we do it? How do we get out of our own way? And how do we see clearly what the story is so that we can reframe it. So that we can change the dialogue so that we can pick different words and new belief systems.

Our brain works in interesting ways. It's it's very patterned. It has roadmaps, we develop these ways of thinking. And when we do it all the time, the same way, the road is super easy to follow. It's like automatic. Our brain knows the pattern to go, it knows the thought process, it knows what we're supposed to do, when to do it, how to do it. And so we don't even have to think about it. So this is where we get stuck. Because that roadmap, that direction, that line, have you guys ever played Ticket to Ride that that game with the trains and all the pathways are going along and you have to build these train tracks? Well, there's some that are easier roads, and some that are harder. But regardless, once the road is built, we can see the clear path, and we now have to change the direction.

So what that takes is a lot of effort in saying different things to ourselves. Because the habitual road, the one that says, If I do this, I'm going to be judged I will be the outcast, my family will make fun of me. That road that so ingrained is huge. It's easy to find our brain knows exactly what to do, where to go how to do it, we can do it with our eyes closed, we can be asleep, doesn't even matter. It knows. And so now we have to change that. And as we're building these new roads, this little tiny road goes up next to it and goes a different direction. And every time we're faced with that same decision, our brain is going to want to do the route that it knows how. And we have to stop it in its tracks. And we have to turn direction and say no, we're going to create a new path, we're going to say new phrases, we're going to believe something different.

When we believe it again, and we say it again out loud, that road becomes a little bigger. And over time as we do that day in and day out. And we practice and practice and practice that road becomes our normal way of thinking. And the other one because it's not being used gets smaller. It doesn't just stay there. We don't have to keep paying attention to it. It'll get smaller and smaller and smaller until it basically will disappear because it's not being used. So the goal is to stop using the old pathway and create a new one. Now that I know that sounds like okay, well that that maybe that's easy, or maybe that sounds like a that's really difficult because my old pathway is pretty strong. It's true.

Our old belief systems are. It's who we think we are. It's what we think is actual truth that it isn't changeable. So that's where we have to go in and say, You know what, even though in the past I thought this was unchangeable, that this was just how it was that this is actual truth of the universe or of my life or the way God works. We can now change that. We don't have to believe that same thing because now with things that we're learning now, with the growth that we're having, now we're noticing and seeing that that actually isn't true. That isn't an absolute. It doesn't mean what I thought it meant. And so we have to change it, we want to change it, we want to be different, we're so sick of it, we want to feel free and feel good. And we want to see a clear path, the new road, the new direction.

It's going to take so much repetition. Do remember a couple episodes ago, when I was talking about those phrases, you can say to yourself, where you can say I am so happy and grateful now that I believe something new, or doing something different, right? So what I want you to do is I want you to come up with your own phrases, put them on note cards, and I want you to read them multiple times a day. I want you to memorize them, I want you to be driving your car. And I want you to say oh my gosh, I'm so happy and grateful now that I do not believe that anymore. This is actually what I believe. And the cool thing is is even though you may not actually believe it, that because you're saying it to yourself, your subconscious is hearing it and subconscious doesn't doesn't care either way it will believe whatever it is, you say.

Our subconscious takes in things as if we're talking to them. Did you know that even with the words we say, the gossip that we do to other people, the judgment we make whatever we're watching or listening to, when we have these negative thoughts or patterns or things going in our brain Did you know our subconscious actually thinks we're talking about them? Meaning us. It doesn't distinguish when we're thinking this about someone else, when we're having a judgement about somebody else, or we are threatened by somebody else because of what they're doing. Or we don't like a person because of what they're doing. When we say oh, I don't like that about her, our subconscious takes it as if we are saying about ourselves. Crazy, right? That's pretty powerful.

It shows you just how much our words and our thoughts matter. The energy that we put into them actually becomes a belief system that we have. And we want to do everything that we can to change all the false beliefs that we've created over the years in our subconscious and we want to reprogram them. And guess what you actually can. It's actually possible to change the way we're programmed the way we think how we were raised as a child. Did you know also between zero and seven is where all of those subconscious beliefs are made. Because from zero to seven, you don't distinguish or decide or anything, everything that comes in is truth. What your mom teaches you truth, the way you're treated truth, what somebody says, yep, that's true, because that's how it was in my family. Where after that your brain develops differently, and you start having that discernment. And you start having that, huh, I don't know about that. But before that, all of those things are created now.

The good news is, again, is that all of that can be changed, but we have to do the work to change it. We have to create the new pathways, we have to tell our conscious mind to tell the subconscious that we want to do it different. That's why when we write out something and we say it over and over, we hear about affirmations a lot. We're going to say them as if they're coming now or have already happened. We want to act as though this is something we've already achieved. And that way that conscious mind doesn't say No, we haven't, that's not possible. All those words that say, you can't do it this way. If you choose this, you're going to be in trouble, you are going to look at as a bad person, all the things that we say, we don't want to believe that anymore. And so we get to change it.

And by doing that, we have to bypass that ego spot, that spot that says, hey, we can't do this. We have to say you know what, we're going to change that. And we're going to learn how to believe it. And by doing that, we can change the whole energy of how we feel we can get out of our own way we can create new things, we can be better at our job, we might even create a new job, we will see our kids differently and ourselves and we will know the relationships that we're supposed to be in and the ones that we are not. We will be able to start letting go of people and things and items and everything that we have around us that is holding us back that is keeping us stuck in the old beliefs.

I was reading something the other day where she was trying to get rid of beliefs clearing out we we have listened to something about taking something in our life and clearing it out whether it's a closet, whether it's your social media and getting rid of things that you follow that you really aren't in alignment with. Whether it is cleaning out your car, whether it's letting go of relationships or friendships or or anything that is no longer helping you or serving you in your highest good. And I'm listening to this thing and then there was some comments and one of the girl commented and she said, a few years ago, I had super long hair.

And I knew I wanted to get rid of it. And so I was donating like 19 inches of hair. So she had it cut off. And now a couple years later, she still had that hair in her drawer. She hadn't gotten rid of it. And she realized and listening to this, that she was holding on to that, that that had some really interesting false beliefs tied to it, and why she couldn't get rid of it. And so when she really realized, oh, my goodness, you know what I have that I need to get rid of, I need to get rid of this hair that's holding me back. She said she she looked it up, she went in and donated it. And she said she felt the most freeing feeling ever like, like just this dark energy that just kind of left her of something that was holding her back like weights on her shoulders. It's so cool when we learn what to let go of and how to do it.

And you do it by starting to change the belief systems. Because when we believe we are deserving of something bad, or that nothing ever good will happen. Or we will never find the right person, or we're not deserving of XYZ, we limit ourselves. And we create a belief that is not true. You actually can have all of your desires. You actually can have what it is you're wanting, you just have to learn how to do it. And the first step is noticing where those beliefs are, what they are, and changing them. Now I know that that's a hard thing to do. And we're just doing this one step at a time. And the first step is to create the new phrases that you want to believe, as well as letting go of the ones you used to tell yourself because we don't want to feed both.

So you're going to have to pay attention and be clearly present really strive. Notice Oh, no, no, no, no, I was just thinking that, okay, I don't want to think that and reroute in your brain. Nope, we're not going to go that direction this time. We're not going to go down that rabbit hole of thinking those things are saying those things. We're gonna do it different. And then you get out your cards and you read them. I am so happy and grateful now that I know I am worth it. I feel so good that I know I'm worth it. That was the best day ever when everything came together. And I could feel it. And I knew it. And I felt safe and good and happy and productive. And like life had so much waiting for me.

Can you feel that shift? It can happen. You can feel that way. But we have to change the beliefs. Your ego may be telling you No, no, no, we can't do that. That's not us that might have worked for her, but it's not going to work for us. The egos job is to protect you from anything that is unknown. That middle space wants to keep you there because it's comfortable. Because it already knows what to expect. nothing scary is going to happen, we already know how to do this, let's just stay here. You're gonna have to lovingly tell your ego, that you appreciate that they want to keep you safe, but that you are safe, and that you guys even want to feel better.

So let's look at it in a way of planting the seeds. We talked about this a lot in all different analogies in our life. We hear it in religious things, we hear it in business, we hear it in so many different ways. But right now we're going to be talking about it with the mind. Because what we are dropping into the soil, what we choose to plant is what's going to grow. It doesn't matter what you drop in soil, think about it, it doesn't matter, you can drop something in the soil. And if you water it and nourish it, it's going to grow. It can be something beautiful, it can be something harmful, right? It doesn't matter what it is, if it is taken care of it's going to grow. So when we look at our mind, and we think about our beliefs, and we talk about the negative things, if we're believing if we're planting the seed of negativity, if we're planting the seed, that everybody's judging us, if we're planting a seed, that everybody is looking at me and judging me and thinking that I'm the worst, and I'm not good at this. That's what's going to grow.

If we believe we don't deserve anything better if we believe that we can't find the right person in our life. If we believe that we are never going to dot dot dot, that's what is going to grow. So what do we want to grow? What do we want to drop in that soil? Because your mind I promise you is going to grow whatever it is you plant. And the thing is about the things we plant is as we really truly take care of those things and make those things priority, it happens. Even if it's negative. When we think about a tree and we think about the roots and how they just dig deeper and deeper and deeper into the earth and they are so tightly grounded because they are going to protect themselves from anything that comes.

Rarely will a tree be blown over in a big storm. Once in a while, right or obviously in a natural disaster, but they are rooted deep. What do you want your roots to be? It really is up to you. And yes, it's hard because if you have planted lots of trees that are negative, and your belief system is just so down, and there is just no way and you feel heavy and burdened with all that life has. I know that that's real, I've been there, I have felt all the negative things that life is giving. But I didn't want to nurture those things. I didn't want to truly believe in my heart, that that's the way it was gonna have to be forever. So there's choices to make in those moments when we realize what are we actually planting and feeding?

Well, if you want to plant the beautiful flowers, the things that just keep growing and offer sunlight and beauty and happiness, then that's what you have to plant. So we're going to plant new beliefs, new ways of thinking and seeing. And while you're doing that, you're going to have resistance from your body. Your body's gonna be emotional, it's going to be like, No, no, no, no, no, this is for everybody else, it's not for me. That's the ego. You have to look at and go, I'm going to feel this today, I'm going to feel sad, I'm going to feel like this isn't working, I'm going to feel like like, I'm never going to understand this or get this, it's never going to become a reality. All of that is going to happen, I promise you.

The resistance will be there. In those moments, feel it, see it say Oh, my body's resisting, it's having a hard time because our belief was this. Because that's either a belief, I was told when I was little or when I created as an adult. But you know what we're going to change that we're going to, we're going to have empathy for ourself today and give us love and do things that nurture us, as a person and for our own soul. And then we're going to still read our new beliefs. Every single day, we're going to read our new beliefs.

I am so happy and grateful that my new belief is that I get to plant flowers and not cactuses. My new belief is that I get to form the roots in my soul of goodness and happiness and love and care. I know it might not be happening for you today. But as you do that, what happens is things come into your life that will will teach you how to accept those things. Things will come in that go, Wow, I am cared about, or I am loved. Maybe not always by the person that you want. That's the other thing is sometimes we try to decide how that's going to be how it's going to come to pass. We think I'm going to think these things because this is what I want the outcome to be.

But that's not how it works. That's not how God works, or the universe, or however you see it. That's not how it works. We don't get to decide the how, of what it looks like to have these desires met of our new belief system. He's going to bring those things to us, but in the way that is right for us. We have to also create the belief that everything is happening in the right timing for my higher self that is good. It's going to be good. I don't know how that's gonna look or how is it going to come to be?

If you really need a new job, creating that belief of I really, this is the job I want. I want it to look like this. I want it to feel like this. I need this amount of money. This is what I want. And then believe it as if it's already happened. I am so happy and grateful that I got the job I wanted. Oh my goodness, this is so amazing. And let go of how it's going to happen. It doesn't matter how. Just let God do his work and random things can come into your life that show you you're on the right track. It's complicated, and it's deep. And there's a lot to it and your mind might be going on. I don't think so. But I've been doing it and I am loving it so much. I just want to keep learning more and more and more and more.

Everything I learned I want to share with you and it has changed my life in changing the way I think and believe. It's changed the entire energy of my whole self, my home, my relationships, everything. Because I now know that I actually have more control than I thought. I get to decide what it is that I'm putting into my body through my mind and these beliefs and these words. I get to decide if I'm watching shows that that bring me goodness or if I am watching something that my subconscious is taking in as it is us. I get to decide what music I listen to and who I hang around with, and what I do in my life and how I run my business. It's changed everything.

Because I realize it starts with me. It starts in my own mind, what roads, what pathways I'm going to build. I've been on this earth a long time, I'm almost 49 years old. So I have a lot of those tracks. If you think of the ticket to ride thing again, I have a lot of tracks going in my mind that are just habitual. And a lot of them are not healthy. They're not healthy thinking or healthy patterns. They're old beliefs that I'm tired of. I am sick of the old story. But I don't even know it's an old story until I actually tried to look at it. And the way you do that, as noticing the patterns that come up for you.

What's happening in your life that keeps happening the same thing over and over? What keeps showing up for you? You're like, wow, this, I can never do this, this can never happen, or this never works. Look at that. And see, okay, that might be a belief that I have that I need to look at, and clear and create a new one about. If you have questions about this, don't hesitate to email me, we can jump on a call, or I can answer your question through email. I'm happy to meet with you for sessions as well, if you want to learn more about this, and how to change what it is you're thinking so that you can be productive and happy in your life.

Because ultimately, that's the goal. We've been through super hard things, things that really could have killed us. We sometimes feel like there's no way out. It doesn't happen overnight, just like the seeds that are planted. We plant a seed, and it doesn't just immediately grow the flower, like right then and there. We come back to it, and we water it and we say oh, I hope the seed is growing, I hope there's something that's happening. And however many weeks later, or whatever the timing is, a little sprout happens. That's what we're doing with ourselves. It's not going to happen overnight. So when we want it to be fast, and we think this isn't working, we're forgetting the process.

Everything takes time. Everything has a way of building and growing. So always remember and turn back to that idea of planting the seed, and how long it takes for something to grow. But that doesn't mean we stop watering it, then it for sure won't grow. When we do nothing, nothing happens and nothing changes. If we just place it over there and drop the seed in there and never come back to it, it's never gonna grow. It's the same with the things that we want to change in ourself or the things we want to believe about ourselves, or what we want for our future.

All of that has to be nourished and nurtured and taken care of. If we want a certain outcome to happen, we have to work towards it, and then allow God to bring us what it is that will give us that result. That has nothing to do with changing another person or making somebody else do something different. You have to let go of what the outcome looks like and how God's gonna provide that particular thing. If you're wanting safety and peace, let God show you how to do that. If you want integrity, and a honest partner, and somebody who is there for you and cares for you, let him show show you how that has to be whether it is with your partner, or whether it's letting that one go so that something new can be brought into your life.

I t's hard to look at it that way. But we can't control the outcome. And all we do is spoil the fruit that we're trying to grow. We are creating belief systems around how it has to look or what needs to take place in order for us to get what we want. But we don't have to work so hard. All we have to do is create what it is we want, build new belief systems, nourish those, think all about the positive energy that we have and start redirecting our brain every time it goes to the other pathway we've been doing for so long. No, no, no, no, not today, I just realized I was going down that road. Nope, we're not going to do that and stop it immediately.

That short circuits it. And then it starts creating the new pathway and it reminds our brain No, we're going to go this direction. We're not going this way anymore. Over time, you will see how much easier it gets. And you'll notice how some of these things that you want start happening and you start feeling good and just notice them. Take them in, believe them. Even if you don't know for sure if what is coming to you is because you changed your beliefs just let it be anyway. That's so cool that this happened. And it's just like my beliefs that I've been saying. Just let things happen and just watch. It is really life changing to shift the way you think.

It changes everything. So much of that self doubt or victimhood or those beliefs we thought were absolutes, we now get to change those. We get to look at everything with more of an open mind to say, wait a second, I thought this was true because this was how I was raised. Or I thought this was the way things are because I just thought that's how the world was. And now I'm learning that that isn't the way it is. Wow, how cool is this. Your mind will be blown wide open, as you change these things in yourself and you notice where it is that you've created these patterns, where you can actually change them; where you can start nourishing planting seeds of something different and watching those things grow.

I know you can do it. It takes work and effort. But when we do it, we reap the rewards just like in planting. Those flowers come up our vegetable gardens grow, we're getting to have the fruits of that labor. And in some form we are, whether it's emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, whatever it is that we're trying to grow, it will happen if we keep doing it. Now, I don't want you to stress too much about doing it right. Or about doing it so much that you feel stressed or panicked. Now you will feel some of it when the ego shows up. So pay attention to that.

But it should just feel like this feels so much better for me to write these cards and read them to myself every day. It makes me feel happy to do that. So just stay in that place. Take in that part. And every time the ego shows up, just remind it, we're not going to go that route, give yourself a hug, and move on. I'm so excited to watch you guys grow in this and to hear about your experiences. Those of you who I work with already, I can't wait to hear how this is going for you and those of you who want to start, go to the website, schedule a package of four sessions so that we can start getting you to that place of changing all those negative things so that you can feel better. It's so worth it. You are worth it. You don't have to do this alone. You don't have to navigate or figure things out by yourself. If you don't want to.

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