Episode 51 CHOOSE IN to Continued Change and Growth

Excitement is brewing as I go over all the things I want to share with you and all that is coming! New empowering tools and tips. 

Episode Transcription:

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I am like, bursting with all of this new energy of excitement and forward thinking and I, I feel like I'm going to explode of ideas and thoughts and feelings and so many things that I'm learning. As I was coming up with what to talk to you about, there were so many things that I want you guys to know, to learn to believe about yourself, to, to find empowerment for you and to show you that you do not have to be limited anymore. And everything that I'm learning right now, everything that I'm choosing into is changing my perspective and adding new things.

And so it's almost as if I have so much to share, that I don't even know where to start. As I was thinking about this, I have been nudged and inspired in so many different ways. One, I think you guys know I've said it at some point A long time ago, or at least in a post that I wanted to incorporate starting to interview other people that can help us learn and see new perspectives and grow and their experiences. And so I want to start doing that. That's going to be coming up here shortly.

I also want to incorporate the things that I am learning because I truly believe that choosing in is a continual process that name choose in came to me that day when I was sitting in a conference for authors and publishers and and people like in this field of media. And I'm sitting in this class, and I was told like in my head like from God from universe from however you feel it for me, it's God. It was like, you're doing a podcast. He told me the name. It's called Choose In. I'm like, oh, my goodness, I'm like, Are you serious?

Like, I don't even know what you're talking about. Like I've been on a few podcasts as a guest when my book was coming out. But that's really it. I didn't know anything about it. I didn't know how to record or how to use GarageBand or do anything. And here I am. I'm supposed to be doing this, it was pretty crazy. But I heard it right. And so I had a choice to make at that moment that I could choose to be comfortable and keep myself safe, with no risk of failure. Or I could choose in to the nudge, I could choose into growth, I could choose and to learn something new.

And you know that I'm all about learning something new, it is so powerful when we do that. And why not? If we just know what we know, then we never grow. We never feel that thriving feeling in our insides when we when we accomplish something. So with that, I realized that the things that I'm learning are of such good value to me, they are adding on to the things that I already knew the things that I have learned through counseling and books and the things that I've always taught you.

And it's almost as if it's giving me a new level. And I want to be able to bring that to you. So as I'm coming up with ideas to talk with you, I realized that I need to really delve into it a bit more so that I can teach it to you in a way that's not all over the place. Maybe you felt kind of confused the last couple of episodes like okay, I hear this, this is so cool. But But what am I supposed to do with it? I don't want to leave you feeling lost like Yes. Okay, tell me how to do that.

And then you're like, where do I go from here? I want to be able to understand it, know it and teach it to you in a way that isn't just coming from that the excitement of it all but the practicality of it. So you can actually take it into your life and use it and keep going. There's things that I want to be able to teach you I want to talk to you about what you are being held back by obviously right we all are I've noticed it in myself different ways of, of when something comes up and I have a response to it. I am now realizing Okay, I'm having a response to that I have an emotion tied to that with what that person just did.

But it's affecting me. So instead of it being that person's fault or I was affected because that person did this or said this, instead, I'm looking at myself going if I was so affected by it, what wound do I have in me that's unhealed. And I'm actually finding it, which has given me a lot of freedom, because now instead of being like, kind of more of the victim of this just happened to me, it's more of, Okay, this is what happened, this is how I felt about it. Why did I feel that way about it?

Oh, because you feel insecure, in this area over here. And if you feel more secure, because of this, if you were were feeling better this way, then that wouldn't have affected you as much. So it's been fascinating to learn these different kinds of things that I want to be able to share with you guys. I also want to be able to share with you about being flexible, something like when we want something, right, I get a lot of questions.

A lot of my clients, we talk about what we desire, what we want to happen in our relationship, or even in dating, or if we're choosing divorce, or whatever it is, but we have this desire, it's like, let's just say we have this desire that we want a partner that is honest and accountable. That doesn't isn't mean to me, that is kind that will sit with me, and let me talk to them that I can be my own person that I'm not being controlled, you know, so many different things. And we have this desire, this is what we want. So we pray about it, and we put it out there and we work on it.

And we're trying so hard. Yet when we actually truly look at it. This desire has so many parameters around it that we've created, kind of like, this is what I want to happen. But I have a belief that it can only be acceptable if this happens with my current partner. So when we do that, when we say this is what I want, I want a partner that does this. And I just want this so I feel better.

But we say in our mind or in our heart, or we don't say that at all. But it's what we believe that I'm only going to be okay with this, if it's with my current partner, then we kind of have just put God in a chokehold in a way, will you please give me this, but only in this way, we don't even allow for him to give us what he wants to or allow him to answer our prayer or our desire when we've decided how it has to look. And we forget that the law of free will our agency is real for everybody, meaning we can't make anybody do anything.

So even if our desire is that our partner becomes that person, they have free will. And we can't cross that neither can God. And so when we put limitations on our desires, or what the miracle is we want, we can't have it, which leaves us feeling frustrated. So you see how like those kinds of things, I want to delve into more of that I want to talk to you about about more about the ego, like we've talked about the ego where I've told you this a few episodes ago, is the small version of you, that is only at the conscious version. And it's only 5% of you.

And 95% of you is the big you and it is your subconscious, we've talked a little bit about that. But if you look at it that way, it's like your pinky finger is your conscious level, ego 5% person that's running most of your life, because of fear and belief systems. So when we learn how to recognize that, and we learn more about our true self, our big self, our higher self, our spirit, and it's a big huge person, it's the rest of us, then we can start acting different and coming from a different place, we can heal those other wounds and other things so that we are kind of in alignment with all of it so that our purpose here is fulfilled so that we can find out what we're supposed to do.

And so we can be so excited about our life, about our families, relationships, what we're doing in our career, whatever it is, we will know where to go. So do you see how there's all these little things and big things and cool things that I am empowered with, I have all of these, these exciting things that are rushing through my mind and my body that are saying, there is something more here, there is something more that we could be doing together. And I want to be a part of that, and I want to hear it.

And I don't want to make myself small, because then it it doesn't offer you anything either. I want to be of most benefit to you with the things I'm learning. So with that, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a pause on the podcast, probably not for very long. I do have the retreat coming up in a month from now. So my guess is shortly right after that, we'll come back. And we will start with all of these new things and these added things to make this podcast even more informative, more inspiring, more in alignment with helping you get to your higher place, your higher self feel good about what you're doing.

Help you to choose in and even more than you are now. Because what I don't want to do is have you feel stuck, what I don't want to do is leave you hanging with. That's a lot of information. And I don't now know what to do. So we're going to create a program in a flow to where everything will build off of each other. And I'm just so excited about it. I've loved this journey so far, look at where we've come. So many of you have been with me since the very beginning.

And some of you started halfway through. And some of you just found this podcast, wherever you are in the journey, there is so much content in these past 50 episodes, that you can go back and keep learning and growing. I don't have all this transcriptions up yet for all of them. But I'm working on it. All of those will get done and completed. So you can find specific things you're looking for, we will start out from forward on having things mapped out a little bit better, so that you can actually go find things in the podcast that you want to send to friends.

And we're just going to make it way more user friendly, and easier for you to follow. So that you can get exactly what you're meant to get out of it. I love doing this with you. I love being side by side, I love being one of your partners in this whole journey because it's awesome and change and growth is so amazing. Because when we resist it, we just stay stuck. And we don't go anywhere. And we don't need to be doing that we want to be we all want to be the powerful people that we feel in our inner self, that's our higher self, we want to be that person, we just don't know how to get there.

So I'm here to help you, we're going to keep doing this, I cannot wait for how this is going to unfold. I'm super excited for you guys to feel it and see it. And I will keep you posted. Make sure you're following me on Instagram, you can follow me on Facebook as well there, I'm on Facebook, I post sometimes a little bit different things. But Instagram is is my main platform. And you can go there to Roxanne Kennedy-Granata. And follow that so you can keep posted.

I'll post live videos and things. When I have the retreat, I'm going to post lives with our speakers that are there. So they can kind of stay like you're with us. So until then I want you to go back through the 50 episodes, I want you to look at the names, the titles, even if the title doesn't inspire you, your heart will tell you your higher self is going to say hey, listen to this one again. And listen and learn and see where it is that you can be growing over this next month's time while I'm doing this so that you don't fall backwards, or stay stuck.

There's so much content that you can keep learning, you can keep growing, so you're ready. So this is not a timeout, this is not a a time for you to just sit back and do nothing and wait, you can do that. But did you notice that with COVID, as things started closing, there were so many new businesses that started including my own, there were so many things that pivoted so many platforms that used to be live on stages that turned to online that now have bigger businesses than they did before. The reason that happened is because they didn't sit and wait out.

When is this going to be over? They thought, Okay, this is something different. What are we going to do to thrive and to succeed? How are we going to pivot? That's how you can take this, you can choose to keep thriving and keep learning. There's there's endless amounts of information out there for you to keep going so that you keep getting directed in the right way. Now, also at the same time. I'm still here, I'm still working my business, I'm still meeting with clients every single day.

So if you want to meet one on one, I'm totally available. Just go to the website, schedule a session or a package of four or you if you haven't met with me before you can schedule the free 20 minutes, we'll talk about it. We'll see if we line up, see if I can help you and you feel good about it. And then we can set something up but I'm still here fully engaged. I'm just going to the next level and I'm super excited. So I'm glad you're here. Keep working on you and I will keep you updated when our new launch will be coming out and I will see you soon.