Episode 57: Owning Our Worth...We Don't have to Earn it, It's Already There. -With Guest Christine Baird

Such a great interview with Christine Baird. She is a worth expert and teaches others through her podcast "The Worthfull Project" how to own their own worth. Learning that and coming to a place of "knowing" that you don't have to earn your worth fills your soul with love as you come to believe and accept that it's already in you. You just have to remember that it's there and always has been. Remembering changes your life. You now know that you are deserving of all that is good and the effort and time it takes to learn, grow, and heal. You are worth it! She says, "I'M FASCINATED WITH WORTH. I'M OBSESSED WITH PODCASTS." " I teach people how to podcast like big wigs, I train teams to become in- house media producers. I speak and write about what it means to own my worth. It's the funnest job I've ever given myself". Her podcast and contact info as well as her full bio is in the show notes. She's a wildly successful capable woman and continues to go after her dreams.

Christine Bio:

Christine Baird is a podcast consultant and host who teaches micropreneurs how to podcast like bigwigs - at the scale of millions of downloads and thousands of listeners. She strategizes and launches podcasts, coaches hosts and production teams, and hosts podcasts of her own. After six years in corporate sales, Christine did a career 180 and has been working in podcasting, event production, and influencer branding since 2014. She worked on Lewis Howes’ brand, The School of Greatness, for four years, where she got to grow his top-ranked podcast from less than 1 million downloads to over 80 million. Now she’s pivoted to supporting micropreneurs create and grow their shows and impact. She consults and strategizes on personal brand and branded podcasts and she trains teams to become in-house producers of high-quality media. Christine also hosts her own podcast, the Worthfull Project, and is the co-host of the Think Like a Producer podcast. She’s passionate about owning her worth and inspiring others to do the same.

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Episode Transcription:

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Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  0:01  
Welcome back to the Choose in podcast. I'm your host Roxanne Granata and I am here today with Christine Baird and I'm so excited because I met her a year and a half ago and I'm going to get into that in just a second but I want to introduce her and tell you a little bit about who she is.

Christine is a podcast consultant and host who teaches micropreneurs how to podcast like big wigs. At the scale of millions of downloads and 1000s of listeners, she strategizes and launches podcasts, coaches, hosts and production teams and host podcasts of her own. After six years in corporate sales, Christine did a career 180 and has been working in podcasting event production and influencer branding since 2014. Christine also hosts her own podcast, The Worthfull Project, and is the co host of the Think Like a Producer podcast. She's passionate about owning her worth and inspiring others to do the same. So welcome, Christine. I'm so glad you're here.

Christine Baird  0:56  
Oh my gosh, thank you, Roxanne, thank you for also reading my bio, because I update it so often. I was like, ooh, did I leave anything out? Are there any typos? Is it easy to read?

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  1:07  
There are so many good things on there. I wanted to pull this over here. And this over here. I'm like, Okay, I'm just gonna pull a piece from your, your education background as far as what you do and your career and then also why we're here today, which was about worth. But let me just tell them kind of how I met you first.

Christine Baird  1:24  
Okay. I love this.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  1:26  
Okay, so about a year and a half ago, it was October, I believe, of 2018. I met Christine at a workshop at a conference for authors, media, people, publishers, anybody that's in that field. It was this huge conference, and she was teaching this class on podcasting. I don't remember what your name of your class was, but I went to it. And you don't remember either.

Christine Baird  1:50  

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  1:52  
And I went to it, and I wasn't going to it for podcasting myself. I was going to it because I had just published a book. And I just wanted to see what we do now? What do I do now that I've published this? And so after the class, I went up and talk to her, I gave her a copy of my book. And we talked about me being a guest on her podcast, which is what happened. So after her class, I went to another one. And it was a marketing class. And I'm sitting there in this class, and all of a sudden, it just shoots in my mind. You're doing a podcast, and it's called Choose In. I'm like, I've never done a podcast. I don't know anything. And it just kept flashing back. Well, you were just in Christine's class. And she was telling you that she's podcasted from her bed before that she has a cheap microphone that basically you gave so many tips on the ease of it, that it even though I didn't know what I was doing, I felt like, Okay, well, I guess I'll look into it, because I felt that inspiration. And so my podcast started in January of 2020. So here we are now. It's not great, though.

Christine Baird  2:59  
Awesome. I'm smiling so much.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  3:02  
That's so great. So I love it, she has so much to share. But the reason I had her come on today is because she is so passionate about our worth. And so many of you and my clients that I work with, that's our main issue. That's the main struggle when we're trying to get through the hard things in our life is owning our worth knowing we're good enough that we're okay. And, and all of those things that go along with it. So Christine is here to help us with this to show us and tell us about all these different things. And so I'm just going to turn it over to you for a minute and just kind of tell us how you got started with this. Why are you passionate about it? And maybe just a little kind of synopsis about what it is that you do in this area?

Christine Baird  3:44  
That's one of my favorite topics. Okay, so a brief synopsis is I was a totally classic millennial, like, I went to college, got good grades, got a corporate job, you know, graduated school   2008 it was everything was so normal. I was like Hermione Granger, and then a few years into my corporate job, I had realized like, Well, you know, corporate insurance sales isn't gonna light me up for the long haul. So what do I want to do? I was like, maybe I'll be an interior designer. So long story short, I've been burning myself out going to school for a second time working full time, interning long distance, you know, unfortunately, relationship that did not work out because he was gay. So how is that ever gonna happen? It doesn't. It doesn't.

And I got to a moment in about 2013 where a friend recommended a podcast. This was back in the early days, like pre pre podcasts becoming a thing. And I became obsessed. I started listening to these self development entrepreneurship wellness podcast way back in 2013. I was like I had an IV in both arms. They were completely transforming my mind. And so about a year later, after literally drinking the Kool Aid For a year, I had a moment and I was like, I'm 27 maybe I was 26. I was like, I am never gonna work in a corporate job again. So in a dramatic, you know quarterlife crisis, I cold emailed the host of one of these shows, convinced him to hire me moved to Los Angeles, where he was based ended up becoming the producer of the show, like inspired me to take the leap from corporate life.

And what happened was, I ended up producing this show that was called The School of Greatness, hosted by a guy named Lewis. And he had a real knack for networking. So the people who had come on this show were like, billionaires, Olympians, celebrities, best selling authors, world renowned therapists, they were just like, the most interesting people. And I would sit there, like a foot off camera during these recordings in this studio, and this really intimate space. And I would hear these people tell the stories of their lives. And they all had the same through line. Meaning. I had an idea, I felt drawn to something, I hit rock bottom, I tried, I failed, I tried, I failed, I struggled. I went through your horrible challenges. And then I started to own my worth.

I had a reckoning with myself, I took the long road, I built the thing that I was here to do. And now I'm like, you know, impacting millions of people around the world and super successful. It's happened again, and again. And again. These were like people you would recognize on TV often, right? I'm sitting there, and I'm like, Oh, that's so fascinating. You're telling the same story is like the last person and, and then I would hear their conversations off camera, you know, once we'd stopped recording, they would still chat with us. And they would be just really open and honest about like, what they were dealing with that day.

You know, sometimes it was like, oh, like, I'm actually going through divorce. So let's not talk about my marriage, or, you know, I'm really facing a challenge with my business. And I'm looking for some spiritual guidance, like, do you know, any gurus like, this is the kind of thing that would happen off camera. And I just over time, I was doing a lot of my own work, taking like every self development workshop in LA, which is a lot as I was like, working with coaches, myself. And I kept coming back to this idea that like, no matter how successful or famous you are, or how unknown, we're all human, we're all dealing with the same stuff. And the way forward, the difference between those who have really like made an impact fulfilled their purpose, you know, transcended the hardest moments, is when they learned to own their worth.

And this was also what I was working on, right was like my coaches in my own development. And so and I think it was December 2017, I set a goal. Well, I set a goal months prior, but I told my best friend is like, I'm doing it by Thanksgiving, 2017 we're gonna launch a podcast just for my own, you know, journey. And the idea of Worthfull project was born, which is my personal podcast. The idea just came to me. I was like, there's something about worth here that we're not talking about. It's not worthy, it's not worthiness. Those are like, those have connotations of results, like you earn them, like you can prove your worthiness, like you're worthy, or you're not for the job, the race, or whatever.

I was like, there's another idea here. And it has to do with an innate worth, that you can't add to or take from, but it's clearly present in everyone because like this amazing group of people I kept getting exposed to, I was like, Okay, what is it and I just came up with the idea worthful were already always full of worth. And so that's how it all started. I literally recorded the first episode The night before Thanksgiving, 2017 with said best friend. And so for the last four years, that's been my passion project, and I just had the most beautiful experiences, discussing with people what it means to own your worth, what possible when you do, and what would the world look like if we all owned our worth, and, and that's, I could go on and on. But I just want to be clear. I'm like case study number one for figuring out how to do this. It's not like I've arrived. I'm just in the process.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  9:17  
Wow. Well, of course you are. Everybody is right. And that proves a huge point of we don't actually just get to that place where all of a sudden, we just fill enough all the time and everything just works out and we go for our goals and dreams, right? It's not like that. When you were talking. I got goosebumps at one point I was filled with all these questions. And now my mind is swirling. But you are talking about those, all of those people that you met on this high profile job really, as far as like in the world's sense these that are elite in their field. And here they are coming and they're dealing with the same things you and I are my listeners are everybody else. It's it's pretty fascinating Because sometimes we look at those people and we think, well, they have it all together, and I don't know what I'm doing. Right?

Christine Baird  10:06  

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  10:07  
Right. I loved what you said about how you have these things you want to do, and you're thinking, I can't do this, but then you go for it. Anyway, these people were going for it anyway. And you set your goal for November and you went for it. Even though you might not have known exactly what you were gonna do. You had already had some experience. And so you went for it. And I just love that. So with people, and you work with people, because you interview people all the time on your podcast, what is it that is, well I know there's not just one main thing obviously. There's so many things, but when somebody is talking with you, and they are going through hard things, or have gone through hard things, what is it that you draw out? Or what is it that you're trying to share with them about those comments that you said about, your worth is already intact, you don't have to earn it, it's already there.

That's a kind of a new concept, sometimes for people. And they think, Well, I'm not doing enough, or I didn't save this, or I didn't achieve this goal. Therefore, I must be terrible, right? We know that's not true. But we have to kind of get our belief system or our emotions or our heart to believe it to. That was kind of like a huge, open ended question. So what are your thoughts on what I just said?

Christine Baird  11:23  
I do have thoughts. I'm also the queen of open ended questions. So you are just fine. This is what I struggle with to. W hat I have been noticing, as I've talked to people pretty much nonstop about this for four years, because I've also been blogging about it I've been, you know, instagramming I've just been chatting with friends about this. It's a topic of eternal interest to me is that it's not a matter of like discovering or finding or creating, it's about remembering. Because I really believe in the more people I talked to, like, regardless of belief system, or race or background, is that there is a self worth, this is really what we're talking about, right?

There's a self worth, we come into this world with like little babies, you look at them, and you're like, you know, you're worth something, and you're going to cry for whatever you need, because you think you're worthy of it. And so I've thought about that. And I've talked to a lot of people like, we clearly come into this world, like aware on some level in our little baby brains of our worth. And then life starts to happen and influences come in and circumstances start to program us differently. And for a lot of us, because this is life. It goes not well, right, we started get a lot of messages that were not enough. And so when I talk to adults, about how have you learned to own your worth, like in your unique path, and I've talked to just the most fascinating people, right, all different backgrounds and experiences.

And I'm like what was the experience of remembering your worth? And there's always a story there, like it is universal. And so I've thought about this, you know, partly because as a profession, I listened to people tell stories. That's what I get paid to do. So I do have a lot of exposure, but also because now that my kind of antenna is tuned to this frequency. I noticed it and like so many comments. And I've realized when someone owns their worth, meaning they've remembered the worth that they came into this world with, and they're in a place of confidence and ownership. They're pretty unflappable, like they're not easily triggered. People can say kind of anything to them. And they're like, it's fine. Like, that's fine for you to think that like I don't think myself.

And then more importantly, I think they've understood that they have a unique gift and purpose of being here and they're focused on it. And so, it to me, what I've come to over the years, and I'm coming to always, is when we own our worth, we become very interested in contributing good to the world because we value what we're here to offer. And we literally see it in everyone else, like my lens has changed. I see everyone's worth, because I've spent so much time remembering my own. And that to me is like the magic. I'm like, Oh my gosh, like what does the world look like if everyone on the earth? world peace? You know, I just really believe that I'm like, I think that's the ticket.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  14:32  
Right? There's so much if when you're living in that neutrality spot, that neutral spot where it's not highs and lows, where you're not riding the roller coasters of what people think or do or act or whatever. When you were talking about that question, you asked me that question when I was on your podcast over a year ago, about when did I know that I found my worth and I don't remember what I answered then. It's probably different than what I'm answering now. But it's so interesting when you find those different pieces.

I know for me when I I was going through divorce before that, before I made that decision, I was in a place that this is unfair, if I have to do this. He caused something. He should have to file for divorce. He should have to because I shouldn't be responsible for that. It's not even my fault. And I remember the shift when all of a sudden, I realized that I was worth filing for divorce, that it was worth it for me to not be in a relationship that was not healthy for me. And that that was owning my worth. I was like, I'm strong. And I actually can do this. And how cool is that instead of just being passive and waiting? Right? So that was just one of those moments for me when I realized I can't actually just wait around. I mean I can, but I wasn't living in that clear spot that you're talking about clear perspective.

Christine Baird  15:53  
Oh, that's so powerful. I really do think like the honest stories of our lives to have the most impact. Like that's the best way for us to learn from each other. So this specific moment, you're talking about, like, that's everything. And I've thought that again, and again, especially over this last year, when the world fell upside down. And I was spent so much time by myself just being like, you know, what's here to validate my worth when I'm pretty much in isolation. And it was really profound to realize, just like you said, it doesn't matter what anyone else is doing. When I understand and honor my own worth, I'm really clear exactly. He said, like the clarity, just floods right in. It's like I was waiting for you to remember. And now here's all this clarity, here's all of this confidence, here's all of this neutrality, because we remember like, Oh, yeah, I'm creating this life of mine.

It literally is up to me what I want to do, and everyone around me is going to make their own choices. But that has no impact on my worth. And it to me. I mean, as we said earlier, I think we can go through highs and lows with this throughout life. I'm sure my like self worth will be tested in the future. But I think it's so beautiful to kind of look back at the arc of our lives and be like, Oh, yeah, there's moments when I've remembered and look what I did in those moments, probably the most powerful moments of our lives.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  17:17  
So true. And it takes powerful experiences. It takes different things. And it keeps it as we keep going and keep learning whether we're meeting with coaches or therapists or reading self help or whatever. And practicing trying to change reframe our mind in what we normally think what we used to think to a new belief system of well, what if, what if I was worth doing that job? What if I was good enough? I might not think I am. But what what would I think if I, if I did think I was worthy of it? What would I be acting like? What would I be doing if I was a person in that job? Or in that relationship? Or as this parent? What would I be doing as a successful one of those things? Right?

When we start looking at ourselves as that it's possible, we can start changing the way we view things.

Christine Baird  18:04  

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  18:06  
So as we're on this journey, obviously, for me, because I don't know what I said on your podcast about that question. I've had moments where I've had that kind of clarity throughout finding myself worth in different ways, whether it's a relationship or a job, right, even starting this podcast was, Oh, it was kind of like what you were talking about. At the beginning. I was  like, Okay, I know, I'm supposed to do this. But I don't know how I don't know what GarageBand is, I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. And everything was like turmoil, it was like, I got all my stuff. And then I'm trying to record it and it's I'm messing up and I'm then I'm on the bed crying and like freaking out and then like, okay, okay, I got this right.

At one point at the beginning, I put this huge teddy bear that my daughter had in my house and stuck it on the chair like I was talking to someone because I had never talked to everybody without actually having them in front of my face. And so it was so complicated, but I could feel that drive, I could feel that inner voice, that inner thing right inside that this is what you're supposed to do. So you can either lay on this bed and just cry and say this is not fair that I don't know what I'm doing. Or just keep taking one step and just keep practicing.

Christine Baird  19:18  
You said it that is literally like what I do for a living, right? So I'm constantly supporting people in launching their shows and improving and growing and you're in the best company. Like every single person I've ever supported, no matter how successful they already are. There is a learning curve to learning how to use this technology, which is miraculous, but also not just like, no brainer yet. I think we'll get there in the next couple of years. It'll probably become as easy as Instagram but to so far, it's still a bit of a learning curve. And it's easy to look at other people just using the example of podcasting and now it's kind of meta. We're on a podcast but this is the world I live in.

It's easy to look at other people and be like, Oh my gosh, they are so polished. Everything they say sounds so great in their recordings, their little Instagram clips of their podcast to sound brilliant, like, Who am I? Who am I to even buy a microphone like Good grief. And then exactly what you said, you did it anyway, you made a bunch of mistakes you learned, you kept going, you figured out what worked for you. And now like, literally a year plus later, you've created something that is supporting people speaking to people, enhancing people, there's just endless options and outcomes when we are willing to let our worth guide us because like we talked about before, it's like worth, independent of your results. Like you didn't, you didn't have to be like a professional podcaster to start.

You were like, I know, I have something in here to share that's going to support people that I'm here to serve. And I'm going to just learn as they go and make a lot of mistakes. And that's completely fine. Because I'm, and I know you had a meltdown. Everyone does, it's fine. But

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  21:11  
I've had a few of them.

Christine Baird  21:12  
Yeah, this is totally normal. I just love the example, though. Like you were like, I feel the importance of sharing what I have in this medium. So the process is kind of negligible. We'll just work through it.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  21:25  
Yeah, we just got to keep going. So this goes along with everybody, and whatever field they're trying to do, even if they're just trying to figure out who they are and how to be her. Right, that's huge. Sometimes we get lost where like, I don't know, whether we're a single person, whether we're a mom, or a dad, or whether we're a career, out in the field, whatever it is, we sometimes feel lost about, well, who am I and what am I even supposed to be doing? And how do I even do it? To me that goes along with our worth. Because when we know our worth, that anything is possible. So what do we do? Or if we talk to the people that are at the beginning, I what I want is to have everybody wherever they are to understand that there's a process for everyone, whether you're starting at the beginning, or whether you figured out some things, it doesn't matter. We're always trying to improve.

I'm always working on my self worth, because there's always pieces that come up that will try to take me down for a second. Like, Oh, you don't really know what you're doing there. I'm like, Well, I think I do and I have to like work through it and let things go and realize, yes, I'm totally confident I can do this. Or I'm not confident. But I still know I'm supposed to. So I'm going to learn this anyway. Right? So let's talk about when you're first kind of some of these people you've worked with or even your own journey, and you're at the beginning and you don't feel enough. Where do you start? How do you even take the first step? Or what is that first step?

Christine Baird  22:57  
I love this, because we've all been there. I mean, when I say all I mean most of us, I'm sure there's a few unicorns out there that just sail through life, but they're unicorns. So one, I think the first step is realizing I am in a really good company, like the most amazing people that I look up to have been here, they probably didn't publicize it, because why would you but that doesn't mean they haven't been there. And that to me like is something I know in my system at this point, because I've just been exposed. I've had the privilege of hearing so many people's stories. But I know that to be a fact. So if you don't know that yet, just rely on me be like Christine says.

But if you really think about it in your heart, I think that's the first step is remembering the experience of being human right. The spiritual beings having a physical experience on planet earth in 2021 is to struggle to remember my worth. Lke the whole thing is designed to eat at that. I think it's one of my favorite quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson, the author says, to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into something else is the greatest accomplishment. So if he said it back in the 1800s is very much true today.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  24:15  
I'm glad he said that.

Christine Baird  24:17  
Oh my gosh, I like have. I heard it in a yoga class so many years ago, and it was like the heavens parted and a bolt of lightning came down while I was lying in Shavasana. I was like, oh my gosh. Anyway, so I think the first step is truly sit with yourself in an honest, quiet moment and allow yourself to acknowledge like, I am in good company. Many, many, many people have been here who are not here anymore. And that's so important because I think, as we know, I'm sure you talk about this all the time on your show. We have a tendency as humans to suppress our pain, push it down. I mean, I've done this for years, fast. So the first step is to acknowledge like, I I'm here right now feeling worthless, but so have a bunch of other great people.

So remind yourself that you are no different than like the most brilliant person that you look up to. And then I would say, second, start to reconnect to the parts of yourself that you value the most. And for a lot of us that looks like looking back into childhood, maybe adolescence, maybe you're 20 I mean, some chapter of your life, where you remember like that joie de vivre, that beauty, that confidence, and it might not look like anybody else's, right, like, maybe when you were a kid, you just love to read and you loved getting lost in those worlds, and you just felt like anything was possible. Like that could be a beginning memory, to reconnect you to that sense of like, there was a time in my life. You know, even after I was a baby, which I don't have a memory of, of when

I felt like I'm, I have it, I'm worthy of dreams, I'm worthy of doing things. And that might take you a little while. And it might take a lot of journaling, or it might take a lot of like long, quiet walks. And it might be kind of going back down memory lane or looking at old photos. And then I think that's where the really interesting juice starts to flow. And then we start to follow our curiosity. Like think this isn't even my idea, right? I've learned this with so many brilliant people, like your curiosity will really show you the way forward when you pay attention to it. Like, what things do, I just kind of noticed, they always sort of pique my interest and light me up inexplicably, like for me right now, it's like hand letters. I don't, I can't explain it. But I'm like, I just been mesmerized. And I just watched their work. And, and so I think let, let your curiosity lead you forward. And it will start to reconnect you to the parts of yourself that are ready and have been patiently waiting to be expressed and to be cultivated.

And then this is like skipping forward way past, where do we start, but over time, we become creators again. And that's really where worth, you know, shines is when we we start to create again.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  27:15  
There were so many, like, always, when I talked to you so many pieces of nuggets that were just amazing in there, one of them was when you were just talking about being creative and finding those things. It's like, it's letting go of the control, there was an ease to what you said there was this flow of letting it unfold for you. Versus Okay, I need to do this and you've got your hands grip together, and you're either squeeze shut and you're just like, okay, and I'm going to do that, and I'm going to do that and then this is gonna happen and this is gonna happen. And that's so stressful.

But the way you said that, like go back in time and find a place or a time where a memory where you felt, okay, you felt at peace in your world, you you felt good about who you are, or, or whatever it was. And I know for me when I've done things like that, in the past, when I was kind of starting my work, I could think of something good. And then my my brain, my other brain, not my rational one would say Yeah, but you didn't know what life was going to throw at you then. So you were in a fantasy world, right? But as I've done my work, those things are key to remember, because they were real. They were real for me.

Even if some of my experiences had another person involved, that there was a different story, right where I learned something new. My story at that time was I thought this was happening. I thought this is what was going on. And I was okay. So even though I found out later, life wasn't okay, my experience still tells me that I felt okay in those moments. So I can still move on from those. So So all of those things, that's a super good way to start because we all do have something like you said, reading or writing or a hobby or you're looking at lettering like actually people drawing that are actually satisfying, right? It's satisfying as you watch them, create those things, right? It feels so good to watch that. And we can find those.

The other thing I heard was, Well, you didn't say this, this is just what came to me about it was we are so quick to judge ourselves against somebody else. So all these people are doing their life, right social media, and we're seeing it and we really truly think in our brain and in our mind that they do not have the problems we do. So I love that you've expressed that that all these people you've worked with these, these people that should be to us, in our mind, perfect. Their life is great. They go through hard things, but look at how well they make it through. Right? That they're suffering as well and it's a constant effort.

It's like a daily thing to say okay, how is my body feeling what's going on with me and as We address those things. We'll keep moving forward. And like you said, it'll just unfold. We don't have to know the end yet. We don't have to know where our jobs gonna go or where relationships gonna go. We just start with today. What do I feel today? Where can I find myself worth today? Maybe it's in, I really did well with my little child, and spoke to them in such a calm way, I felt so good at my parenting today, right? It doesn't matter what it is. But taking those small things and letting them build will give us that confidence, I think because that's how I feel for myself.

Christine Baird  30:34  
It's true. It's absolutely true. And I love the examples you shared, because one of the other things I've learned in this kind of unique and wild, amazing ride I've been on, is that the small things we choose to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis are what actually changes. I we all know this, right? Like, we've heard this a lot, but I know it's true. In my bones. And I've just heard so many people tell the same story. It's those simple decisions we make on a daily basis, regardless of circumstance, unconnected to our results. Like what am I gonna choose to nourish myself with today? What's my mind talk gonna sound like? How am I going to connect to the things that fill me up?

That will literally make all the difference over the years. And I'm one of those people who's a big believer in the long haul. I don't want to blow up like I don't just want to like arrive in a month. And so I always am drawn to this. There's a Instagram account that illustrates this. And this is such a funny metaphor, but it's called slow roads. And the only thing they post are these beautiful photos of old homes that were built in like another century. And they're just these little vignette photos. And it's like the the caption all it is is just like the location and like, circa when it was built. And there are these beautiful vignettes to remind us like slow roads create the most beautiful things like things take time. And I love the concept.

Every time one of those photos pops up in my feed, I'm like, Yes. And so that's a gift. That's how it goes with us remembering our worth, like it's a slow road, it's full of beauty. And every single day can have a moment of Revelation and light and uplifting. But it's not like, this is the 30 day plan to remember in your worth. Its not how it works.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  32:34  
You definitely have the gift of patience. So for you to love the long haul. And that long road is beautiful. And it's something I've worked on for years that letting go of the control of timing, right? I'm all about Okay, God, are you not gonna show up with this? Like, I'm always having to give him back the timing, and work on myself and it always shows up right on time. Even though it doesn't seem like it. Once it does, I can look back and go, Oh, I wasn't actually ready for that yet. Because I had to do this, this. And this. I remember when I was going to publish my book. I was done writing it in 2015. As far as the first like the main draft of it, but I didn't get it out till 2018. And I remember the year before being so frustrated, like God, you told me to write this. You gave me what it was everything yet. I can't seem to get it out. And it was all about what I was learning in that process was, Right, but you're still working on your healing.

And since you're going to be impacting other people's lives with this, and you're going to be sharing and talking to people. You have to be clear. You can't use your what you your belief system. If it's not all the way healed in these areas. You can't put that on them, because you'll be teaching them something that isn't true. Oh, isn't that so cool? Yes. And so it had to wait because I needed to not have any response. Like if somebody was to ask me a question. My false belief from a long time ago was all men are gross. And they all cheat. That was my belief. So can you imagine if I kept that belief, and people were coming to me for insight, and I was like, Oh, yeah, no, don't trust him. Don't do that. Right, I had to clear that and come to that place of that is not true. There are certain people that choose to do that. But so many others don't. And that that's just false. So it's very interesting the way we have to do that. And timing really is important.

Christine Baird  34:30  
You just said it, amen. A thought popped into my head and I'm just gonna share it in case somebody needs to hear it. But your example is so beautiful. And I also thought of people who are waiting to become parents. I'm not a parent yet. I just got married for the first time last year in the middle of the pandemic. So I got married at 33. And I had had all these years to myself, right like, decades, and it was glorious. And I got to do so many cool things with that time. And, and I really enjoyed that experience of being single, of course, there was like real moments of loneliness, absolutely. Anyone who's been single for a long time knows, it's a special kind of loneliness. But I had had all these opportunities to do really cool things.

So my husband and I got married. And as you can imagine, you know, I'm in my mid 30s, he just turned 40, we had a lot of years of being independent. So it is not the smoothest entree during a global pandemic, when you're home together by yourselves all day long, and you're both used to doing whatever you want. So it's been quite a humbling year. And I, you know, naturally, at our age, people were like, well, you're gonna have kids are like, we really do want to have kids, you know, we know that the, the odds are against us, but we do. And yet, I've thought again, and again this last year, and prior to getting married, I needed all of these experiences, prior to getting the opportunity to be a parent.

It was so important, and I don't know why yet, because I don't even know what these kids are gonna be like. But something in my system knows, like on an innate wisdom level, the kids who are going to come to you are going to be you know, real unique, like really extraordinary little birds. And they need you to have had all of these really unique experiences for you to be like good parent, and really be able to raise them in the way that they need. And so again, that just came into my mind, if somebody needed to hear that I think there's such a profound beauty that enters our lives when we trust, a greater timing. And I think owning our worth helps us do that. Because it's not about when the results show up. It's knowing they will come because of who I am and what I'm creating. And that the timing is like this beautiful cosmic thing much bigger than us.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  36:54  
I love that. That's so beautiful. And I remember meeting you and you were single, and you were dating your now husband, and after I left your house, he was waiting outside. Yes. Yes. So I loved it when I saw that your pictures that you got married. But what I also love is those years that you developed yourself, when you were single, sometimes I've heard of people that are single, when they're single, they feel like they're waiting to be once they get married, they're going to be okay. And that's not really true. Because marriage is hard. And I know I've been married not quite two years yet again, and integrating new for my way older. And for you after being single for such a long time. And having so much independence.

There's so many transitions that you had to do that I had to do that, that didn't make it easy. It's not easy, right? The Love is there. And that's great. And we each work on our own stuff. That's great. Yes, other stuff takes some time and patience and, and a lot of understanding, right as it kind of integrates together. And work works itself out. So I love that you share that. And especially with the timing as far as having children or anything that we're looking forward to. When we tie our worth to an event or to succeeding in some way. Whether it's marriage or kids or a job or financial stability, whatever it is, when we tie it that way, we then can have that really self talk that negative self talk that is shaming us for not doing those things, well then that shows that our self worth, we need to work on that because clearly we're thinking our worth stems on whether or not these things happen. But that is not true. Our worth is already intact. Whether you are in a bad relationship, whether you lost your job, whether you have children or you don't whether you can or you can't doesn't matter what your neighbors think what anything's whatever's going on with anybody else. You are okay. Just as you are on your journey on your road, and everything will fall into place exactly as it should in the right timing. I know that's a hard thing for people to hear.

Christine Baird  39:08  
Yes, I'm so glad you said it.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  39:10  
As we were getting close to the end. But I want to know what is it when you think of you've been doing this a long time and you've really worked hard to gain your own self worth. If someone was to ask you about, this is what I'm doing and this is how I'm going or whatever. What would you tell them? What would you want to share that what are those things

Christine Baird  39:32  
Your worth is waiting for you. It's eternally patient. It already lives inside of you. It is a beautiful home in your very core. And it will be there no matter what you go through and how long you take to remember it. It's literally the best part of you. And it can never leave you no matter what happens and so be compassionate with yourself and be patient with your own process because there's no expiration date on when your self worth will leave you. It will forever be with us. And that to me on my roughest days, brings me right back to home base. Sometimes I literally like looked down at myself, and I'm like, Oh, yeah, you're in there, running the show waiting for me to like, turn the lights on it get with the program.

I want you as you're listening to remember, this isn't like a should have judgy. Like, you've messed it up and wasted a bunch of time. It's a beautiful remembering, that just completely illuminates the way forward, when you're ready for it. And until you're ready, it's patiently there. Don't worry, you have time.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  40:55  
I've totally felt that in my heart in my soul when you said that. And I wanted to be emotional about it. And then I was like, Okay, this is this is powerful. And so I know you guys listening have felt that same way. What I just heard there was that even when you feel alone, or that you don't know what you're doing, you have a best friend inside of you of your self worth. When you said, Christine, I looked down, I'm like, oh, you're there, you're in there still, you can look at it that way, you have somebody with you right now. It's your own soul, your own spirit, that worth is already intact, which is so amazing, because you never truly are alone anyway. And then to know you have that peace to is just a beautiful, peaceful feeling.

You're not doing this alone, you have her or him inside of you. And you can just keep going. I also like that you shared, not to shame and not to judge yourself. Because timing does just doesn't matter. As far as what you did do before. Didn't do. It's all about just today. And like you said, When you're ready, you'll be ready. And when you're not, you're not. And I tell that to my clients all the time, that people who are thinking about should I be divorced, or should I not be it doesn't, you're gonna know when the timing is right. People would say to me before, well, gosh, you could have left earlier, well, I could have left earlier, but I wasn't ready to leave earlier.

I had things I needed to do or learn or I wasn't ready to let go of the dream or the even the thought of Who am I if I am not married to this person. I had to work through those things. And we all have those. And so the timing is, it's right on time, right? Finding your self worth and who you are is right on time. and connecting tha piece, is amazing.

Christine Baird  42:39  
I just got chills. And you said it's right on time, your worth is right on time.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  42:45  
So glad you were here with us. My listeners are just gonna love you, I am so excited for them to hear this and to be able to reach out to you and follow your podcast. Also, if you are looking at doing your own podcast, if you're looking to start having that voice. Remember, I started from not knowing anything, I didn't even have a blog. Anybody can do this, if they feel that nudge to do it, if they want to do it. And so Christine's gonna tell us how you can find her what she does, how she how she can help you in that realm. And also give them your podcast information as well. Okay.

Christine Baird  43:23  
Well, clearly is you've heard I'm obsessed. So yes, I think everyone can have an amazing podcast, it'll be totally unique to you. So yeah, all the resources if you're looking to kind of dip your toe in, or maybe you already have a show and you're like how do I actually do something more with this? You can find through my personal website, Christinebaird.com. You will be able to find the link to my agency, which is worthful media, you can find a bunch of great resources that I have for free over there, like beginner guides, podcast things. And then I think your audience specifically would love this. So I'm Christinebairdcom, I also have a link to my workflow project podcast.

And if you enjoyed today's conversation, I have a feeling you might get some value because this year I did something different that I'd never done. My whole podcast this year for this season is just affirmations. It That's it, I'm not doing any interviews. I'm not doing any solo episodes. I've recorded an affirmation about seven, eight minutes long every other week. And they're all about remembering our worth. And so it's been like a little project I needed for myself to share them publicly. So if you want to check out the worthful project podcast, that's what I'm doing this year, and they're there for you if you need to hear them.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  44:44  
That is so great. And we need that especially after the COVID here, right we need to hear that I'm excited about that. And my listeners for sure are going to benefit from that I will put your information into the show notes so that they have that and that they can find it and I I've just loved so much being with you again. I just love your energy and your spirit and your light. It seriously just shines out your face. I just can't even I can't even believe it you you just have goodness, just throughout. It's It's amazing. So I'm so glad you were here with us.

Christine Baird  45:16  
Thank you so much, Roxanne. It was such a pleasure and I can't wait to connect with anybody on any level. So come find me.

Roxanne Kennedy-Granata  45:24  
Okay, so you heard that we'll have her information in the show notes. Go take a look and see how you can benefit from this and remember that your self worth is already intact. You just have to reach inside, find what she needs so that you can know that in your heart and your soul. I'm so glad to be with you. So glad you're here with me every week and I will see you next time.