Episode 69: Major Healing can come from Breathwork

Finding new ways to heal always brings me joy. Breathwork is a modality for healing that doesn't require talk therapy. But rather a series of rhythmic breathing taking you deep into trapped emotion and connecting you with the awareness that you need to release pain, trauma, or to gain overall peace and clarity. This episode discusses what it is and how you can experience it for yourself.

Episode Transcription:

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Hello, and welcome back to the Choose in Podcast. I'm your host, Roxanne Grenada. And today we're going to be talking about breathwork. If you're following me on social media, you are seeing that I am talking a lot about this right now. Because I am so passionate about it, it is helping so many people in their healing in letting go and having these newfound awarenesses in in understanding what is holding them back. And then being able to feel free and just let things go. They come out of class just feeling like how did I just clear all of that out in that hour's time, it's pretty powerful.

So breath work, I'm going to explain what it is. And I'm doing that because not only am I teaching at the loft studio in Lehi, Utah, live classes, like in person classes, but my schedule will be up this week for online classes. So you can join a class we'll have a group session you are on your own computer at your own house, listening through zoom. And then at that point, I will end up recording some and then you can you can even join later, you can pay for the class, but maybe you can't get on, you can just join later.

So let's just talk a little bit about the way I do my breathwork classes. So when I was certified, I took a course through Revelation breathwork. And it was what I was introduced to the first time that I had a class, this type. And what it does is it's a rhythmic breathing, the way you breathe is through your belly, your chest, you exhale and your breathing only through your mouth. And the reason why is because when we're breathing through our nose, and we're just breathing in a very calm, normal way, we are a lot of the time in our head, we are stuck in our head and thinking things from our headspace, versus our gut, or our heart space.

And it's important that we go deep, and we go to the level of the depth of where our wounds are, which is in the gut, so that we can heal those and so that we can make better healthier decisions with our mind. So when we breathe this way, in this pattern of only through the mouth breathing, we are taking ourselves out of our head into our gut. And now we are opening up what it is that needs to be cleared we're opening up things in our life in our body, in our our trauma, in even in just finding clarity, we're opening those things up, so that we can actually make better choices.

Because what you may or may not know is that most of the time we are walking around, I think it's like 95% of the time actually, I'd have to look that up, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is, that we are making decisions from our subconscious state. Our subconscious is all our belief systems that we created from the time we were little, not all of those things were healthy, right? Think about some of the times when you think that you are not worth anything that you're not enough and that you wish you were different or people would like you more if you were a certain way that is not coming from a logical place of truth that is coming from a wounded place in the subconscious, a belief that was created way long ago to to handle a certain situation.

And so when we find out that we're walking around, basically just making decisions from this subconscious place, it can really give us that encouragement, to want to seek the help, we need to now make decisions more consciously. And that's what breathwork does. It brings you to a whole nother realm basically, of awareness in who you are. It's like connecting with your higher self. And so I'm going to just read my little caption that I have when this when explaining the class, so that you understand this is on my website. This is kind of the explanation.

"With a series of rhythmic breathing while listening to music. Participants are able to clear their head, drop into emotion and hear inner insight and wisdom. They may get answers to questions, new ideas to growth, overall peace and clarity and much more. Tuning into your Higher Self using revelation breathwork brings awareness and wisdom that intentionally directs your path." So that's why I do this. That's why it's so important because I had some of those things happen to me. I had great awareness in the first class I did. One of those things was to get certified in this type of breath work. so that I could bring it to you.

So in the first few group classes that I did, where there were like 28 people, or however many people were in the group, the room was packed with so much energy, and so much release, there was a lot of crying and yelling and screaming, which is supposed to be that way. And, and so many cool experiences that happened for these people that were in the class. I attended last night, a breathwork class put on by somebody else. Now, let me just tell you that I have done meaning I've instructed a lot of group classes, but the only ones I've personally done have all been online.

And by myself, like in my own room in my own space, and so I did not know how it was going to feel being in a group setting, which is, you know, interesting, right? Because that's how I teach it. But I was like, Okay, I'm gonna do this, because this is what you guys are doing with me. And it's powerful. So I'm going to try this. And it was so amazing. During breathwork, there's a there's a point where you're breathing, and you're breathing in such a big way, that it builds us up to basically what we call the scream song, or to let out all of this energy of some kind.

And when I've done this by myself, I have not been able to scream, when they say, Okay, it's time to scream, like, let it out, let it go, I haven't been able to do it. And those of you who have taken my classes, before I told you that I haven't been able to that I've just been able to let out these little like, like little tiny things. Because I was scared, I guess I had had a block of being fully heard. And seen in this vulnerable way, I suppose I still need to do some more work on it. But in this class that I was in where everybody started yelling, it was almost like I had permission to do it.

It was like, everybody else is doing it, I can do this. And I screamed and screamed and screamed, it was it wasn't the best feeling. I just thought it was so powerful. But okay, so that's later that's like kind of halfway through the session. I'm just telling you that because it was so cool. And I want you to know that those of you who have been to my classes, and have heard me say that just know I got there, I finally screamed. And so I know you'll be proud of me.

And you'll be excited that I broke through that wall, whatever that was. So okay, so back to how this works. When we start, we're going to set an intention, maybe you're here at the class, because you want some overall peace and clarity, maybe you're having a hard time with parenting hard time in your relationship. Maybe you need some career advice, maybe you're trying to start a side hustle, and you just don't quite know how to do it. breathwork is one of the ways that you can tune in really deep like it takes you to the depths of your your openness and awareness to where you will be able to hear and find your answers or see clearly what's in your way from reaching those desired goals that you have.

And if so what what happens is you set the intention of what you're wanting to get out of the class. And then we start the breathing. Now every class is different, the one I attended last night was different than the way I do it. But it was still kind of the same revolutionary process to where you're trying to tap into awareness. with mine, we start out I start out with you breathing very slowly, very just let's ease the body into it. Let's let's try to get in tune. Let's just get out of our head.

And we start going it's through songs. And each song that plays we intensify the breathing a little bit more. And as we do that your body starts feeling quite uncomfortable. It's like what are we doing? I'm not sure this is what I want to do. We're not super comfortable going to all of our feelings are we? It sometimes we are and sometimes we're not. It's scary, we don't know what we're gonna find. But let me put you at ease that you're you are not going to go anywhere that you don't want to go, you're not going to uncover something that you are not ready to do.

But as you trust your body and you trust your breath, you can know that your body and your higher self will totally show up for you and give you exactly what you need. It's really amazing and powerful. And it's a cleansing process. So as we're going through the songs, each song I asked you to go a little bit faster with the breathing and then a little bit deeper with the breathing. The breathing is what is doing the work you breathing are doing the work. I am not doing anything other than facilitating this space and guiding you through the process so that you know you're okay, you know you're safe, and you know everything that's happening is okay that you're okay.

That's what I'm there for. Just to know that you can just keep going keep going keep going The music is loud enough. So if you are in a group setting, that you can be breathing just on your own, you can screen you can do whatever you need to do and, and nobody's going to be bothered by it, because you're all kind of they're doing the same thing. So as this happens, you get to that point where I was talking about where you are breathing pretty deeply.

And this is where you want that release song of screaming, what you're doing here is you are, if you want to cry, you're crying it out from your gut, from just that pain, whatever it was, you're holding on to, for so many years, we've been conditioned for so many years to just to just respond a certain way and to be quiet sometimes or to not be ourselves, we've been told where too much, or whatever your circumstance is, this is the time that we are going to release that and let that go. We want to heal and we want to be okay. So we do that in that song.

Now, something cool that I did last night that I have not tried in my class yet, is after we kind of had a little break, went back into the breathing. And then she did a song where we laughed. And I was like, Okay, I don't know, like, I don't can I laugh? Like, is that okay to laugh, like, I'm not sure. But in my classes before, I've had several people laugh instead of cry. So I can see why it's like a release of energy, it's a release, it doesn't matter how we get that energy out of our body, we just want to move it, we want to move the energy so that it's not stuck there causing us harm. And being part of our decision making, we want to be clear when we make decisions.

And so she did that, which was pretty cool. So I'm gonna try it sometime. I'm not sure yet, I might do a practice group first and see some people who've already been in my classes to see how they feel about it when I feel facilitated that way. But that was just an option, it was pretty cool to do after the fact. After we've done all that breathing, that's where all the work is the breathing is where all the work. And then after that after those big releases like that is when you are in the depths of your feelings and emotions and thoughts from deep not head space, your gut and your heart.

And that's where all of a sudden you're tuned into this awareness, this where you're not thinking of anything, you were just you were doing all that breathing. And now it's just like, people have so many amazing experiences, several have had experiences with loved ones from the other side, bringing them a message, some have had just overall peace and clarity. My husband, I did a class for him the other day, just individually. And he felt like weird, I just feel like I'm completely flushed out. Like I'm just so clear. Like everything is just out of me.

My daughter and stepdaughter took a class that I did in a group setting and my daughter was just like, oh my goodness, this is the greatest thing I've ever done. I want to do this all the time, I want all my friends to do this, she felt so good. She got such a powerful message about what she's doing in her life and where she's headed that she just loved it so much. My stepdaughter said the same thing as her dad that she just felt like everything flushed out of her like just this lightness, this is something you want to do regularly because it's like, it just keeps on clearing your thoughts and, and your patterns, it will clear false beliefs.

And it's just a type of therapy where you don't even have to talk. You just have to breathe, and let whatever your body wants to do, it will do it. And then you'll get the message that you need. And you'll get the clarity that you need. It's really cool and really powerful. So I'm sharing that with you because don't we all love when a new new way of healing comes into our view. That's how I felt when I did this. I had never done it. I was like, I don't know what this is. I was a little bit nervous because it's super uncomfortable when you're breathing this way.

And I thought, I don't know, I don't know what's gonna happen. But it was it was amazing. I just absolutely was amazed by it, which is why I got certified so that I can bring this to you. So while you're thinking about this, you can definitely message me and ask me some questions. But I am going to have up a an online class for you to attend. And you can just register for it. And you can try it out. And what if it is the next step in your healing? What if it helps you so much clear false beliefs or old patterns? What if it's that layer that you need to help you keep moving forward and thriving in your life?

How cool would that be if it was just so simple as doing a breathwork class? So I encourage you to look it up. I encourage you to try it. If you live in the Utah Valley area or Salt Lake City area, I would love to have you at my class. You can look online on Instagram on my bio, it'll tell you what my classes are and, or you can message me. So I'm super excited about that. But I love all things healing. I love finding modalities that add goodness to our life. I love feeling that feeling when you have cleared something where you feel free, where you feel so like, relief.

And when we are going through all the hard things in our life, the class I was in last night, I was talking to some of the people out and just let me tell you, this is for men and women. There were several men in this class last night, I think there are about 16 people there. And I don't know, I think there were four men in that class. But this is for both men and women. This is just about being in tune with ourselves and wanting healing and wanting reprieve. But one thing that was evident in this class, which has been in all my classes, is that everybody has pain.

Everybody has emotion that is stored deep within, that they've been carrying around forever. And when we finally open that up and see it and heal it, it is the biggest reprieve and it's like a weight has been lifted off our shoulder. So how great would that be? If as you were doing a breath, work class, or any sort of class like this, that you feel that relief to where you're like, I just did something amazing. And I feel so much better. I know for me, any of those things have been amazing. I've talked about it before, but when I was when I was with Ryan, my counselor, he learned EMDR. And he said, Hey, I learned this new thing would you like to do and I'm like, of course.

And I thought I mean, it changed my life. I was like, this is the best thing I've ever, ever learned ever done in my life for my healing. Then he learned parts work, IFS. And he asked if he could do that. And I said yes. And now that's something that I do with my clients, which I'll be talking about that on another podcast, but episode, but he brought those things to me every time he learned something new, which brought value to my life, it brought the next stage of healing to my life.

I'm where I am at today because I took those chances and those opportunities to do something different or something new, and not the same thing over and over. And that's what this is the thing that that that the whole quarantine had brought us was all of these online things now, right online therapy sessions and coaching sessions. I do all my coaching online. It's pretty cool. Even a breathwork session can be done online, I do my parts work sessions online. And you would never think that that would have felt okay, or that the energy would have been right, you would have thought that it would be better to be in the counseling office. Well, sure.

For some of us, yes, but many of us have found that online is totally great. And it is time it helps with our time, everything. So with that, I'm sharing that with you, because this is an opportunity for you to learn something new. And if you've done other types of breathing, that's so great, too. But I challenge you to try this one anyway, whether you do it with me or find somebody else that does it doesn't matter. But somebody that was in the class last last night, somebody that was at my retreat that does breathing stuff, both of them were like, "this is not what I've done before it this is so different and so cool." So I want to see you in one of my classes.

All of that information will be up on my website soon as well as on Instagram. Instagram is the best place for you to find and get all the latest updates of when episodes are out when my retreats are coming out which one is coming out really soon. And breathwork and anything else that I am doing. So let's do something cool. Let's dig deep. Let's breathe into finding the next stage of healing. And just keep moving forward with 2022 and thrive and just continue to find our awesomeness and our healing. Thanks for being here and I will see you next time.

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