So glad you are here. Let’s check in to see where you need to start to give you the best outcome to achieving overall peace and healing. YOU are so worth it! 

Roxanne Kennedy Granata
Roxanne Kennedy Granata Sitting on a couch

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Set up a FREE 20 minute session to ask me your question and I can help you with your next step. 

This is for you if you are unsure if I can help you, you want to get to know me first, or you have one question or concern and need guidance. I’m here for you. Let’s Talk!

Are you ready for more?

Set up a series of 1:1 Sessions.

Are you tired of feeling alone in your relationship, craving deeper connection but unsure how to bridge the gap? It's time to reclaim your sense of agency and happiness. Let's work together to develop a unique action plan that sheds light on your desires and empowers you to communicate them to your partner with confidence and grace. Unlock the door to your next level of healing with personalized 1:1 coaching sessions tailored just for you.

1:1 coaching session with Roxanne Kennedy Granata
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