So glad you are here. Let’s check in to see where you need to start to give you the best outcome to achieving overall peace and healing. YOU are so worth it! 

Roxanne Kennedy Granata
Roxanne Kennedy Granata Sitting on a couch

Start Here

Are you experiencing betrayal, trauma, overwhelm, unsure how to move forward in your life or any other emotion that's causing you to be unsure what to do or how to do it? Here are a few ways to start that may be helpful for you.

Set up a FREE 20 minute session to ask me your question and I can help you with your next step. 

This is for you if you are unsure if I can help you, you want to get to know me first, or you have one question or concern and need guidance. I’m here for you. Let’s Talk!

Are you ready for more?

Set up a series of 1:1 Sessions.

This is for you if you are serious and ready to get past what is holding you back. You can’t do what you’re doing another day. You are ready to do the work to heal you. And you want changes in your personal life and relationships. The time is now! It’s time to Choose YOU!

1:1 coaching session with Roxanne Kennedy Granata
Group Coaching with Roxanne Kennedy Granata

Want to be part of a Private Group Community and Coaching? 

Be supported every step of the way with live & recorded group coaching, Q&A sessions, and a private community platform. Be included in small groups facilitated by your mentor to keep your healing moving and your support consistent. This is a Perfect way to get a lot of coaching + community support with minimal financial investment. Everyone is welcome!

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